YouTube LIVE WordPress Plugin


This WordPress plugin is packed full of features; automatically embed live stream, if no live stream found embed upcoming, completed, latest video. Show channel and video information including clickable like/dislike buttons. ‘Views’ and ‘Watching Now’ count updates onscreen.

Fetch and display everything from a single or multiple YouTube channels with one simple shortcode. [go-live]



Plugin Features:

  • Responsive layout (mobile friendly)
  • Display LIVE STREAM
  • If no live stream, display UPCOMING Live Stream
  • If no live or upcoming, display previously completed stream OR latest video upload
  • Display LIVE CHAT
  • Live player/chat ‘width’ slider drag bar
  • Button to move live chat beside/under the live player
  • Display video information, views, watching now, title, description
  • Player custom control buttons (play/pause/mute)
  • Display video likes/dislikes
  • Clickable like/dislike buttons (requires HTTPS)
  • All live stream/video stats automatically update on screen (views, watching now, likes)
  • Light/Dark YouTube theme including the live chat
  • Display a single or multiple channels per page [go-live id='ANY-CHANNEL-ID']
  • Fetch X amount of live streams (if channel has multiple live streams)
  • Shortcode also works in Sidebars/Widgets
  • Channel header displaying banner image, total video count, views, subscribers
  • Channel video slider show all or X amount of videos (auto slide on/off)
  • Options in the admin page to show/hide any section
  • Advanced JavaScript options (trigger scripts when; unstarted, playing, paused, ended)
  • Plus lots more!

Interactive Image (WP Plugin Features)

Light Demo

Dark Demo

Latest Video

Channel Video Slider


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